Sensory integration is the ability to process, immediately.

The group setting is great place to practice new behaviour.

our history

Dr V.Jayanthini is a leading psychiatrist in Tamil  Nadu, who has been practicing psychiatry for more than 3 decades.

She was a Prof. of Psychiatry at the Madras Medical College and HOD of the child guidance clinic at the Institute of Child Health & Hospital for children, chennai where she was teaching the Post Graduate student in Paediatrics & Psychiatry.


sensory  integration

group therapy


the abc child development  centre

*Online Consultation  Classes are Undertaken

remedial therapy


Remedial therapy is a process  which assists an individual.

Our clinic was inaugurated by


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Current Job Openings

Job Code   Job Description      Qualification     Experience 

ABC001            Occupational Therapist     BOT / MOT              1 - 4 Years

ABC002            Speech Therapist             Speech Therapy        1 - 4 Years

ABC003            Physiotherapist                BPT / MPT                1 - 4 Years

ABC004            Special Educator              Degree / Diploma       1 - 4 Years

*pls send your resume to or Call us @ 9840320340 / 9962665079   

The  ABC


Dr. B.Thanuja, BOTMSc, B.Ed (spl education) – Is the Founder of the Clinic has completed the Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from Dr. M.G.R Medical University, Master in Counselling & Psychotherapy and B.Ed in Special Education.

Dr. B.Thanuja, has Four years of experience in a multispecialty hospital in Kamakshi Memorial Hospital and was working under Dr. V.Jayanthi since 2008 and has Five years of paediatric experience

 The ABC child Development Centre

The Clinic was started in the year 2010-2011 with latest equipment and updated therapies


Our clinic has Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Special Education, Handwriting Training, Psychologist, Group Therapy and Remedial Therapy