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The  ABC

Individual Services:

What is Occupational Therapy?

Our occupational therapists work with your child to develop, improve, or restore your child's abilities and functions. Our OTs are highly trained in selecting and grading specific interventions to promote the development of individual skills for self-care, play and learning.

What are things our OTs work on?​
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Social Skills / Engagement & Relatedness
  • Body Awareness
  • Sensory Processing & Integration
  • Motor Planning
  • Attention
  • Bilateral Integration
  • Developmental Delays
  • Feeding Difficulties
  • Interpersonal Skill Development
  • Neurological Impairments
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Perceptual Skills
  • Writing & Scissoring Skills
  • Muscle Strength
  • Oral Motor Skills
  • Dressing, Grooming, Buttons, etc.

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech-language pathology professionals (speech-language pathologists (SLPs), or informally speech therapists) specialize in communication disorders as well as swallowing disorders.

The main components of speech production include: phonation, the process of sound production; resonanceintonation, the variation of pitch; and voice, including aeromechanical components of respiration. The main components of language include: phonology, the manipulation of sound according to the rules of the language; morphology, the understanding and use of the minimal units of meaning; syntax, the grammar rules for constructing sentences in language; semantics, the interpretation of meaning from the signs or symbols of communication; and pragmatics, the social aspects of communication.

What is Physiotherapy?

Our physiotherapists work with your child to develop, improve, or restore your child's gross motor skills, posture and muscle strength. Our physiotherapists are trained to understand in-depth and treat a wide range of childhood conditions ranging from musculoskeletal to neurological problems. Paediatric Physiotherapist understands that children learn through play, thus, will design activities to make therapy fun. Not everyone can work with kids hence paediatric physiotherapist have that ‘special touch’ on children! 

​What is Remedial Therapy?

Special education or special needs education is the education of students with special needs in a way that addresses the students' individual differences and needs. Ideally, this process involves the individually planned and systematically monitored arrangement of teaching procedures, adapted equipment and materials, accessible settings, and other interventions designed to help learners with special needs achieve a higher level of personal self-sufficiency and success in school and community than would be available if the student were only given access to a typical classroom education.​